in full mourning, he fires a hundred of his domestic workers and provokes a controversy

King Charles III will soon officially move to Buckingham Palace and leave behind him the residence of Clarence House… and dozens of employees on the floor.

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When he was a prince, his popularity had become much less with the revelation of his love triangle between his ex-wife Princess Diana and his current wife, the queen consort, Camilla. Charles will now have to build his reputation as king. And these first few days on the throne as Charles III are not the most promising from this point of view. The king in mourning, it must be remembered, for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II who died at 96, seems to have trouble embracing some aspects of his new function. While on tour across the UK since the queen’s disappearance on September 8, he has made a series of blunders and is at the center of several small controversies that are rapidly gaining momentum.

Charles III, implacable boss?

After being rude to his assistants after the signing his proclamation then be shown publicly exasperated by a pen, the king is gaining a reputation as a ruthless boss. The revelation of a list of rather extravagant demands of the king by former members of his staff in the New York Post began to erect an unflattering portrait of him. But now, the story goes even further since they concern the maintenance or not of the king’s employees in their position. The Queen’s Funeral should indeed take place this Monday 19 and, in the meantime, the affairs of King Charles III and his wife Camilla have begun to be installed in the royal residence of Buckingham Palace. Because, direct consequence of the accession to the throne of Charles: this one leaves the official residence he occupied until then.

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Layoffs at Clarence House

Except that this departure is not without consequences. According to the newspaper The Guardiana hundred employees, who had been in the service of Prince Charles III for decades within his residence at Clarence House, learned that they were going to be made redundant. According to the daily, the employees have been notified of this news in a mail. A spokesperson for the Clarence House residence said: “Our staff have given long and loyal service and, although some layoffs are inevitable, we are working to identify alternate roles for the greatest number of employees.” It remains to be seen how many of these employees will indeed obtain a replacement position and how many will receive compensation instead and will be forced to find another job. Many say they are stunned, having worked day and night over the past week to ensure good conditions for the succession of the new king. This royal house had been the official residence of the Queen Mother until her death in 2002 before being taken over by the future Charles III who completely renovated it.

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