In “Seven to Eight”, Bilal Hassani reveals to have been raped: “I was clearly under the influence of a substance”

Heart-to-heart interview in “Sept à Huit”. Bilal Hassani is the guest of the “portrait of the week” of the TF 1 news magazine this Sunday, September 11 at 7:30 p.m. Facing Audrey Crespo-Marathe former representative of France at Eurovision 2019 talks about his childhood, the harassment he suffered in college, but also the homophobic and racist attacks and the death threats received on social networks in recent years.

During the interview, the singer finally reveals for the first time the rape he says he suffered three years ago. A drama that “haunts” him, and to which he devotes a title from his new album, “Theorem”.

“It was in 2019. With someone from my circle, someone I trusted, we left for the evening. I came home from that evening with him. I had had two, three glasses. But I didn’t feel what you feel when you drink two, three glasses. I was clearly under the influence of a substance that I did not want to take “, he says in front of the cameras of the One which published an excerpt from the interview in preview.

“Don’t ask questions, move on, move on…”

“I started having blackouts, times when my memory was gone. I was waking up and going on which can translate as a sexual assault. It was a rape, that’s it, confides the juror of “Dancing with the stars”. Before adding: “I woke up the next morning, he was in my bed. I did not understand why. And I said to myself: Don’t ask questions, don’t say anything, move on, move on. »

After this evening, the young 23-year-old performer informs his relatives but does not file a complaint. “No, I couldn’t. I couldn’t talk about it in public. And that’s the only time I’m going to do it, ”says Bilal Hassani in front of Audrey Crespo-Mara.

And to explain: “I did not want to give a new string to feed the hatred that I receive. In fact, what would have happened if I had filed a complaint: it would have been known fairly quickly, and it would have become THE subject”. This Sunday, Bilal Hassani will also be the guest of “8:30 p.m., Sunday”, the cultural supplement of the JT of Laurent Delahousse on France 2.

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