Influencer Kim Glow sentenced for malicious calls made by her community

“Everyone has this kind of hassle in everyday life, it’s your reaction that is not appropriate. “ These are the words of the president of the correctional court of Toulon (Var) who condemned influencer Kim Glow for inciting his community to harass a business in the department.

According Var Morning who attended the hearing, the reality TV star was sentenced to 60 day-fines of 80 euros, or 4,800 euros to be paid within two months.

The 37-year-old Varoise had called on her community to saturate the switchboard of a carrier from La Crau who had delivered a defective sofa to her in 2018: “The sofa (which she had ordered) was broken, it did not not been unpacked, not installed…” The switchboard operator would have kept repeating to him: “You have signed the delivery note so it is in conformity. »

“As if you were above the lot”

“It’s true that I told my community so that it wouldn’t happen again,” acknowledged Kim Glow, who has thousands of subscribers. The prosecutor denounced for his part: “You made use of your notoriety as if you were above the lot”.

As for his lawyer, Me Hervé Lefort, he estimated that “about forty calls is nothing at all” for a company of this size. The court, on the other hand, acquitted the influencer for the offense of insult due to prescription.

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