Insta360 X3, perhaps the finest Action Car 360 yet

Film everything, everywhere, and all at once…

Action Cams 360 are a relatively new tool in the on-the-go content creator’s arsenal, offering a new approach to video and photos: they capture absolutely everything around them, allowing the user to crop and reframe later. Rather than point and shoot, these smart cameras let you shoot first, then aim as you please.

Insta360 is the market leader in this field, and its main 360 action camera, the X2 released in 2020, has just been replaced with a new and improved model. Meet the Insta360 X3 (available now from $450), which shares the matte dark chocolate bar design (and rugged, 10m waterproof construction) of its predecessor, but improves things on every level. , increasing the size of the image sensor to 1/2in and adding an active HDR movie mode that lets you shoot stabilized footage with wider dynamic range, as well as adding a touchscreen of 2.29 inches essential for easier direct control. The X2’s circular touchscreen was usable but extremely small, and that rectangular screen is much easier to see – not to mention chubby-fingered prod.

360 video can be recorded in 5.7K at up to 30fps or 4K at up to 60fps, and photos at up to 72MP, with Insta360’s ever-impressive Invisible Selfie Stick technology that erases like magically your image “Narcissus wand” and FlowState image stabilization keep things level and locked on the horizon no matter how far the camera moves. You can also shoot in non-360 single camera mode, closer to a traditional action camera, with up to 4K resolution.

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