iPhone: Apple adapts its screens to facilitate repair

To facilitate the repair of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, Apple has equipped them with a removable glass on the back side.

Recently, several users have had fun disassembling to discover the interior of the new iPhones. With this disassembly, we learn thatApple would have equipped its latest devices with a removable glass on the back. Thanks to this installation, Apple is therefore completely revamping the screen replacement process.

The end of a real puzzle

For a long time, Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Repairers have to open the iPhone from the screen side. This is to access the rear face in order to replace the rear window. This is the case for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. This is a real headache and a waste of time which can lead to additional costs for the user compared to a change of screen.

In addition to making life easier for repairers, it will also save time. It will therefore suffice to remove the rear window to carry out the repair directly. Concretely, the repairer will no longer need to go through the front to change the iPhone case with the components. This is a huge time saver that will allow him to do more repairs in a day!

Only for 14 and 14 Plus

Surprisingly, only the two entry-level models will be equipped with this new removable screen. The Cupertino company has not equipped the models of the Pro range with this removable glass. Repairers will therefore have to use the same methods as existing models.

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