iPhone: changing the battery will cost more

With the new generation of iPhone, Apple is revising its battery replacement prices upwards.

If Apple had lowered its prices for iPhone battery replacement following Battery Gate, it now seems that yesterday’s good resolutions have now all gone by the wayside. With its new generation of iPhone, the IT giant has chosen to revise its prices upwards.

If it cost you “only” 75€ to replace the battery of an iPhone 13 in store, it will cost you 119€, or 44€ more, to replace the battery of an iPhone 14. make it think twice. Because casually, the price practically doubles.

Unfortunately, the same prices will also be practically at the partner shops. It will therefore be 119 € for all, Apple forcing approved companies to adopt its prices.

Under certain conditions, however, it will still be possible to replace the battery free of charge in stores, in particular in the event that it would see its autonomy drastically reduced in the 24 months following the purchase of the smartphone.

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