iPhone: everything you need to know about the forced switch to eSim

Apple is drawing a line under the SIM port with its latest smartphone.

After removing the jack port from its terminals, Apple is getting rid of another port by removing the SIM port – the very one you use to slip your operator’s SIM card into your smartphone. The iPhone 14 will be totally devoid of said port. However, the measure only concerns (for the moment) the United States. European consumers will therefore continue to be able to purchase devices equipped with a SIM port. In the United States, on the other hand, no more models will be offered with a SIM port. The eSIM port completely replaces it.

How it works?

The user must transfer his physical SIM card to his smartphone. There is a SIM port engraved on the phone’s motherboard, but it is not accessible to the consumer. The drawer is therefore removed, since the SIM card is digitally transferred to the phone.

Why Apple is switching to eSim

According to Apple’s confidences, the question was not whether to switch to eSim, but from when. The advantages of the eSim are numerous: no more need for a physical card, simplified and instantaneous subscription changes, more space inside the device to allow Apple to use larger components, and above all the guarantee that your smartphone cannot be used by thieves.

Why Apple didn’t switch to eSim in Europe

First of all, because in Europe, few operators offer eSim offers. The classic Sim is still widely used by European consumers and it will probably take a few years for it to be replaced by the eSim.

In addition, the diversity of markets poses a problem. It will de facto be much easier to contract subscriptions with other operators abroad, covering Belgium – something which will doubtless not be appreciated by local operators.

Finally, the digital divide is much greater here than in the United States. A whole generation of users will have to be made aware of this technology before they can switch to it.

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