It starts today – “Are you sure what he’s saying is true?”, “I’m turning off my TV, it’s good”, “What is this guy?”, “Ignominy”: the twittos appalled by a testimony on extramarital affairs

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Would the team of It starts today have missed its subject this Tuesday, September 6, 2022? While Faustine Bollaert received on set witnesses supposed to illustrate the subject “Can we really love two people at the same time?”, the twittos judged the testimonies more related to the theme of infidelity. That of Gaétan, who fell several times in love with women other than his own, even shocked them deeply.

All themes from It starts today are not well received by viewers. This Tuesday, September 6, 2022, the subject of the program was “Can we really love two people at once ?”. Enough to arouse curiosity and offer beautiful testimonials, one might think… But not everything went as planned. To begin with, Faustine Bollaertaccompanied this day by the psychoanalyst and romantic relationship specialist Sophie Calden, gave the floor to a certain Gaétan.

An elegant man in his forties, he unrolled the thread of his most complex and atypical history. While he was happy in his relationship, he fell for a co-worker who, in his words, “jumped on him”. Very quickly, feelings got involved. Desiring to be honest, he initially wanted to leave his wife, before changing his mind and fully assuming his extramarital relationship.

To Faustine Bollaert’s question: “Didn’t you feel like you were cheating on your wife?”, Gaétan played fair, even shocking: “No, I even felt like I was doing the couple a favor, because I was coming home very happy. I had experienced extremely strong things and suddenly I was radiant in the couple and in the family”. But while he falls in love with his mistress, she does not share his feelings. They break up, and the man goes through a real heartbreak that he chooses to tell his wife about. Against all expectations, she forgives him and his couple even knows a new lease of life.

Program on polyamory or on infidelity?

“It awoke our love, I fell in love with my wife again, we conceived our first child…”. Unfortunately, during pregnancy, Gaétan feels “locked up”, with no “escape”. The “demon of freedom” strikes him again and he falls madly in love with another woman with whom he establishes a purely epistolary relationship. She ends up being discovered, but Gaétan’s wife forgives her a second time. “I think she loved me enormously and that she had already invested a lot in this relationship, that she knew my faults and accepted them, I admit that she was very, very strong…”.

On Twitter at this point in history, voices began to rise against what sounded very much like an appeal to deceit, more than a unique “twin” love story. Some were sorry for the witness’s wife, who had been betrayed several times despite the love he said he had for her.

Especially since certain explanations of Gaétan have gradually cringed on the social network at the blue bird. Thus, to justify his need to look elsewhere, the one who is an artist in life explained that he no longer saw his wife as an “erotic woman” since she was the mother of his children. The outcome of his life as a couple also shocked: after a third deception, also discovered by his wife, the man received a threatening email from his official: “You will never see your son again”.

Crushed by the prospect of losing her and his child, the witness cut off all extramarital affairs and “crawled” to reclaim his family life. What he managed to do, for three more years, which in his words resembled an ordeal: “I was terribly unhappy. I had the mental load of the couple in the household, and no longer had any space for me to develop my artistic projects…”. A reflection that was also considered selfish on Twitter. Finally, the man left for another woman with whom he remained in a relationship for twelve years without deception … A departure which was “very easy” in his words. His ex-wife, so quick to forgive and for whom the breakup was complicated, will appreciate…

From a general point of view, the twittos were very irritated by this testimony that they even suspected of being romanticized as it was appalling in their eyes.

The other testimonies of the day did not really raise the level of the program of the day in their eyes. One thing is certain, for Internet users, this issue of Faustine Bollaert’s testimonial program is simply to be forgotten…

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