“It’s over making you buy sh*t”

Before appearing in the cast of the new reality TV Les Cinquante, broadcast since Monday September 5, 2022 on W9, Adixia made the buzz all summer in The Rest of the World, romance in Ibiza, following the deception of his darling, Simon Castaldi. During this time, the candidate also surprised her fans by no longer sharing product placements on her social networks. She explained why in story…

Adixia made the buzz for several weeks after being cheated on by Simon Castaldi with Virginie in The Rest of the World, romance in Ibiza. She made a sensational entry into the adventure and freaked out against her darling. “I expected anything but that… I fell from ten floors. What is love for you ? What does love mean to you?“, she had asked the son of Simon Castaldi. She even promised to him “rot the life“. But in the end, she forgave the one who is nicknamed “the rabbit” and they appear more in love than ever in the cast of the new reality TV from W9, The Fiftybroadcast since Monday, September 5, 2022.

There are personal reasons behind it all

This time, it is not for his stories of the heart that the ex of Paga is talking about her. Throughout the month of August, fans of the Djette wondered about the fact that it no longer posted product placements on its social networks. Adixia gave the reasons for this choice in an Instagram story. “I didn’t post the whole month of August, for a month there, I no longer wanted. There are personal reasons behind all this, but I also told you that I was going to come back in September and there I come back with my conditions“, begins the one who thinks of the baby and the marriage with her darling.

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