Jean kisses one of her suitors… in front of her rival! (SPOILERS)

The hour of choice has come for Jean, a participant in Love is in the meadow. In the episode of September 26, already visible on Salto, the farmer will kiss one of his suitors. Spoiler alert!

Since the start of this 17th season of Love is in the meadow, John’s adventures fascinate viewers. The farmer, who invited two highly motivated contenders, Nathalie and Laurence, hopes to end his loneliness and find love. After discovering the universe of Nathalie, called “darling” during a very festive karaoke evening, Jean was invited to an afternoon ginguette by Laurence. And things will speed up… Warning the rest of this article contains spoilers!

Love is in the meadow : madison and slow for Jean

As can be seen in episode 6, available in preview on somersault, it is by the famous madison that the three bachelors opened the ball! Very quickly, Nathalie takes her marks on the track, while Laurence, she seems disappointed not to be able to dance with her favorite farmer. Fortunately, the DJ decides to launch a slow and the duo can get closer. To the great despair of Natalie, who prefers to take the air. “I feel all alone, I knew she was going to take it“, she explains facing the camera. Disappointed and sad, she continues: “When you see them dancing glued tight, kisses on the forehead, it’s good what… You think I’m not watching? There she jibulates (Nathalie obviously meant to say jubilant), she thinks she’s won… It’s tight, it’s the elastic in my underpants“. The one, who had hoped that Jean had feelings for her, is disillusioned. And it’s not over…

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first kiss

When she enters the village hall again, she goes to see Jean and Lawrence exchange their first kiss… In front of his eyes! On the track, Jean confesses to his contender: “There you make me really happy… It’s our most beautiful moment“. And as the track ends, the DJ plays the cupids saying on the microphone: “You can kiss your date“. Jean and Laurence then kiss… Before returning to the table with Nathalie, looking – you can imagine – crestfallen. How will the farmer explain his gesture to Nathalie? The next hours on the farm are going to be tense!Don’t miss this sixth episode of Love is in the meadowMonday September 26 on M6.

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