Jean-Marie Bigard finally balances the truth about his state of health “stroke, I had one”!

Recently, Jean-Marie Bigard was alongside Cyril Hanouna and the columnists. On the set of ” Do not touch My TV “the actor has clear up false claims about his current health. Always with his outspokenness, Jean-Marie Bigard defended himself while attacking his producer.

Disturbing words from the producer

Fans of Jean-Marie Bigard were worried about thehealth of the comedian. Chrystel Camus, its producer, had made disturbing revelations during his passage through ” Do not touch My TV “ last August 31.

The latter confided to Cyril Hanouna and his band that the husband of Lola Marois would be seriously ill. Chrystel Camus also spoke of Dieudonné with whom the actor was to do a show.

The producer confided thatthey wanted to get together being aware that it is their last show. Chrystel Camus then insisted that if it wasn’t the truth, she wouldn’t say it.

In detail, she added that the artist has diabetes and arthritis ” very high “. The producer also opened up about the comedian’s heart issues. She even claimed to have canceled shows because Jean-Marie Bigard had strokes on stage.

“They will end up being right”

Since these disturbing confidences, the name of the artist made the headlines. Jean Marie Bigard had not yet confirmed the words of Chrystel Camus until Tuesday, September 13th. The show ” Do not touch My TV had received her as a guest.

“Strokes, I had one once,” he said.

Indeed, in 2016, Jean-Marie Bigard passed out when he was on stage. At the time, he confided thathe felt unwell, but behind the scenes seemed too far away. The comedian collapsed and stayed unconscious for several seconds.

Following this event, the actor had to undergo some operations. The doctors even told him thathe almost died. With humor, Jean-Marie Bigard told Cyril Hanouna that he kept dying.

He came back to the rumor which said that the comedian would have died on August 23, 2022. He then speaks of his name on the covers of newspapers which said that he was struck down by a stroke.

“They’re going to end up being right, if it happens, I’m going to die taking a tile on my head, I don’t know! he continued.

Jean-Marie Bigard wanted to put an end to all these rumors by saying that he was in good health and that he was far from having a stroke. The French artist would be in full swing right now. Regarding the show with Dieudonné, the 68-year-old comedian did not fail to explain everything with the help of his lawyer.

14 million euros loss for the producer

As a reminder, fans of Jean-Marie Bigard were going to see him on stage with Dieudonné for a tour. The artist quickly announced that the show will not take place. According to his explanations, his wife, Laurent Ruquier and Laurent Baffie dissuaded him.

“The duet with Dieudonné must be forgotten (…) there is nothing to gain, there are only huge blows to take,” he said.

However, her producer had previously mentioned that cancellation of the show could make him lose nearly 14 million euros. Following the announcement of the show, she would have already sold tickets.

The latter then talked about starting proceedings against Jean-Marie Bigard if he refuses to perform on stage with Dieudonné. The two former professional partners are in conflict.

Jean-Marie Bigard and his flowery language does not intend to pay anything to Chrystel Camus. He explained that he did not sign with her for this alleged show. His lawyer, who was also on the show, later questioned the status of the producer.

According to him, the latter was bankrupt when signing the contract with animator radio. Chrystel Camus didn’t take long to defend herself by posting a video on Twitter. According to her, the lawyer’s accusations were false.

What Internet users have commented on in favor of Jean-Marie Bigard. A netizen replied that she should just show the contract that the artist had signed. No one knows what will ensue from their conflict.

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