Jetpack Joyride 2, the return of Barry Steakfrite

There are some pleasing returns, and that of Barry Steakfrite, an unlikely hero imagined by the Halfbrick studio, is definitely one of them.

We are in 2011 and in the field of quality mobile games, the Australian studio is making a name for itself, and above all a good reputation. They, to whom we already owe the mythical Fruit Ninja, sign their return with Jetpack Joyride, a nervous and at the same time very simple game.

The goal ? Go as far as possible, a jetpack in the back, while avoiding enemies and collecting the most coins. A sort of slightly modified runner, the title immediately appeals to players, with its effective gameplay, its humor, and the wide variety of missions offered.

More than 10 years later, here comes a sequel, which does not change the formula. You still play as Barry (or his female equivalent, Betty), and you progress through around thirty levels. Because yes, this time, the levels have an end, so there’s no more question of flying until you come across stronger than yourself.

For the rest, nothing changes, or almost. The graphics are certainly more polished (goodbye pixel art), but the principle remains the same. You improve your weapons, your jetpack, and your powers. And you try to survive the onslaught of ever-increasing enemies.

It’s fun, fast, and lends itself perfectly to the mobile medium. Only downside: the game is only available on Apple Arcade. In addition, we feel that the title was not intended for the Apple platform. There are therefore many free-to-play mechanisms (waiting to win gems, coins, bonuses). But Apple Arcade prohibiting in-game purchases, Halfbrick made everything free, without removing time limits, which seems a little weird.

Never mind, if you subscribe to Apple Arcade, the title is worth the detour. New missions will also be added over time.

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