Juliette Binoche evokes without language of wood her complicated filming with Vincent Lindon (VIDEO)

Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon share the movie poster With love and determination. One and the other did not hide that the filming had been complicated. The actress spoke without language of wood her relations with her partner in The original band on France Inter.

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Juliette Binoche is starring in the filmWith love and determination of Claire Dennissince Wednesday, August 31. She shares the poster for this feature film with Vincent Lindon. A shoot that the actor described as “tumultuous” on the set of It’s up to you. “Juliette said in an interview that it had been complicated for her. I think she has big bearings after 40 years of career. I don’t pretend to make her lose her bearings but if she says so, it’s is that she felt it”, he had indicated. guest of The original bandNagui’s show on France Inter, the Oscar-winning actress confirmed that her relationship with her partner had not been easy.

Juliette Binoche very critical of Vincent Lindon

“There were waves, there was a stir with Vincent Lindon?”, asked the host. Juliette Binoche immediately nodded. Ah yes, it was not easy. Anyway, Vincent, he wants to do politics. You haven’t guessed? It’s obvious”, she then claimed. Before showing more criticism towards him. “He has an anguish of not being seen, of not being heard and therefore he does everything to exist. What I understand. But as a teammate, it’s not always easy. And then, I don’t let myself be walked on either. As he must not be used to that much … There is a parity, we have the right to exist one like the other and it was complicated“, she continued.

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The film nevertheless saw the light of day

The actors, however, managed to put their egos aside to complete the feature film, at the cost of some effort. “But at the same time, there is tenderness too. And we were both brave to finish and go all the way. We played the game. It’s true that it’s rarely happened to me to be in front of an actor with whom things don’t necessarily happen in a calm way”, she then elaborated. Leïla Kaddour then ventured that fiction had perhaps taken precedence over reality, pushing the two actors to their limits. Juliette Binoche expressed her disagreement with this idea. “I am sensitive to anything that touches on a kind of machismo that could put up with me”she concluded.

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