Kad Merad is smashed again after offering to lower the price of the cinema ticket

Kad Merad had been entitled to acerbic reactions after his passage inDaily on TMC while promoting honorary citizen, in theaters September 14. The comedian and comedian was shot down this time because of the drop in cinema attendance.

“A place in the cinema is not cheap (…) When we go as a family, when we take two ice creams, three candies, that makes for expensive evenings…”had declared the companion of Julia Vignali on RMC Saturday, September 10 before proposing solutions. “We will have to rethink the price of the place of the cinema. It will necessarily go through an economic effort. Lower prices? Maybe! A fixed price like books? Maybe! We have to adapt to the crisis that the ‘we live. We must not wait!’

“Kad Merad is proposing to lower the price of cinema tickets to cope with the drop in cinema attendance. Is he also proposing to drastically lower his salary?”, “Kad merad is worried about the drop in cinema attendance and proposes to lower the price of tickets. It is not a question of price concerning me kad. I did not hear you being indignant when the non-vaccinated were prohibited from cinema when there was the health pass”, “Kad Merad proposes that we give him money to be able to continue his little life of hyper privileged giver of lessons”, “And I propose to Kad Merad and to all his friends who live on their subsidies before returning to live in Switzerland to divide their salary by ten, so that it is not our taxes that compensate for the drop in the price of the ticket”could be read among the countless reactions.

Our colleagues from Le Parisien have noted that since the end of the health crisis, cinema attendance has fallen by 25% to 30% compared to 2019, the year before Covid.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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