Kate Middleton and Prince William cold? This image is talking a lot but yet…


This Thursday, September 8, 2022, Charles officially became King Charles III (find out who were the two previous cursed kings who bore this name) following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II. The funeral that the sovereign will take place in a week, on Monday, September 19, and the protocol is therefore in motion for this last farewell. Several members of the royal family went to meet the public this weekend. And the two sons of King Charles III, Prince William and Prince Harry, finally reunited when they were cold.

Kate and William far apart, the web is racing

This joint appearance of the two couples has been analyzed to the power of 1000 on the networks and some have noticed that there was something wrong between Kate Middleton and Prince William, who immediately changed titles. Already, George’s parents, Charlotte and Louis walked far apart to meet the public, as Meghan and Harry held hands. Then, some noticed that Prince Harry went to open the car door for Meghan Markle, which Prince William did not do for his wife.

As a result, a lot of Internet users have asked themselves questions. Many believe there is tension between the Prince and Princess of Wales. “Kate and William are separated” Where “Kate and William are not in love” can we read on Twitter. The image has even become a…

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