King Charles III and Meghan Markle have an unexpected thing in common

Everything seems to oppose them and yet. Between the King Charles III and Meghan Marklethe atmosphere is far from being good since the departure of the United Kingdom of the duke and the duchess of Sussex, the couple not hesitating to curry Buckingham Palace and the way they were treaties. However, the new monarch and former actress of Suits have one thing in common: the way they interact with the people in their service. And what they showed this weekend is not very glorious.

Thus, two videos of King Charles III have gone around the web, showing him quite annoyed as he waits for an employee to free the office from the inkwell in front of him. The new monarch can be seen making a hand gesture rather derogatory and show the teeth as a sign of impatience.


For her part, the Duchess of Sussex seemed somewhat overwhelmed by the intervention of a member of the royal staff as she went to meet the crowd in front of Windsor Castle. This video also made the (bad) buzz this weekend. We see Meghan Markle turn to the employee and fire him with, apparently, some condescension.

Not sure that’s enough to fully bring together one who has long been reviled by the British people for humiliating Lady Diana and the one who was accused of moral harassment by some of his royal employees, but it may be a start…

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