KitchenAid launches its Blossom robot

At the end of 2021, KitchenAid offered the superb “Shadow and Light” robot. To enrich its Design collection, the brand is launching a new version of its iconic device this year: Blossom, advocating a return to basics, simplicity and well-being. Indeed, its pastel thyme green hue, vintage, fresh and soothing, contrasts with a flamboyant, very retro hammered copper bowl, which will acquire a patina over time.

Whether in the choice of colors or materials, the emblematic robot pays homage here to its origins in a more contemporary treatment. The vintage pastel thyme green color and the very retro copper bowl allude to both its timelessness and its durability. Its restful water-green dress, velvety effect, contrasting with its flamboyant and ultra-chic hammered copper bowl, gives it a reassuring personality, both soft and robust. The satiny pale green hue covering the entire bodywork, including the headband, evokes the very trendy aromatic herbs and edible flowers that can be found in natural pastries. As for the hammered copper bowl, like the metal forged by the hands of a craftsman, it refers to the story of each culinary creator who will choose to let it shine or acquire a patina over time. An atypical color duo, symbolizing the return to basics, which harmonizes perfectly in this new edition of the robot.

“Blossom” also represents the blossoming of culinary passion, which leads to personal fulfillment through experience, perseverance and creativity. For this special edition, KitchenAid drew its inspiration from Ikigai, a Japanese philosophical concept. The latter consists of giving meaning to one’s life by finding a balance between what one likes, what one needs and what is useful to the world. “Iki” means life and “gay” refers to the realization of what one hopes for; the idea being to feel where you should be, aligned with yourself. “Blossom” is therefore an ode to the poetry of life, to serenity and inner peace. This edition of the “Design Series” collection will bring a soothing, fresh and bright note, transforming the kitchen into a creative and inspiring space!
Equipped with the planetary motion rotation system, the multifunction pastry robot produces an incomparable proliferation rate and produces perfectly homogeneous mixtures. Compatible with around twenty optional accessories, it thus becomes an extremely versatile tool enabling the most daring preparations to be carried out to perfection.

Comes with a 4.8L copper-plated stainless steel bowl with 2 handles, a whisk, a flat beater, a pastry mixer, a dough hook and a spatula.
Multifunction pastry robot

Blossom Designer collection 869 €

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