Laurent Lafitte also appreciates Blanche Gardin

Laurent Lafitte shaken Blanche Gardin and vice versa in the rejoicing Everybody loves Joanthe first film by Céline Devaux discovered at the Critics’ Week of the Cannes Film Festival. His reunion as a boastful and kleptomaniac character with a depressed former classmate provokes many bursts of laughter.

“The offbeat tone of the film corresponds both to Blanche and to me,” explains Laurent Lafitte to 20 minutes. Céline Devaux has found a perfect balance between humor and tragedy, especially with animated passages where a small character comes to reveal the rather dark thoughts of the heroine. Jeanne is in really bad shape from the first images where the vagueness in the soul threatens to swallow her up.

Like Bill Murray

So why does Laurent Lafitte’s character like Jeanne? “He sees in her what he went through, a denial of depression which led him to a delusional psychotic episode, specifies the actor. He will do him good at this precise moment in his life, which makes him feel regenerated too. This whimsical man becomes endearing when in contact with Jeanne, to whom Blanche Gardin brings a whole range of tasty nuances before accepting that something is wrong and that she needs to admit her depression in order to be able to overcome it.

“I like Blanche Gardin because she is a very fine actress, insists Laurent Lafitte. She is capable of a lot of inventiveness. This mixture of precision in the dosage of emotion and spontaneity spices up his performance in a remarkable way. She has an incredible sense of micronuances that allow her to nuance from take to take. Like Blanche Gardin, Laurent Laffite made his stage debut as a stand-up artist. Their hilarious face-to-face reveals a rare freshness, very invigorating as they seek to sell an apartment or show us around Lisbon.

“Blanche’s humor is desperate, which is close to the tone of the film, specifies the actor. She told me that she approached her character as if she were Bill Murray, both lunar and disillusioned. This is also why the spectator takes a liking to this taciturn girl whom he sees blossoming slowly after a terrible professional failure which has made her the laughing stock of social networks. “Everyone loves Jeanne”, proclaims the title of this original comedy. At the end of the film, it’s true!

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