Laurent Ruquier balances the names of the celebrities who hide behind the bear and the elephant (VIDEO)

A new celebrity unmasked, yesterday, Tuesday September 20 in Mask Singer. As internet users supposedit is Laurent Maistret, who has already won Koh Lanta and Dance with the stars, who hid under the costume of the Knight. A new investigator disguised as a Viking also came to lend a hand Kev Adams, Chantal Ladesou, who was surprised to see her husband appear disguised as a construction coneVitaa and Jeff Panacloc. Francis Huster, who had participated in the disguise of the Pharaoh, played the one-night detectives. If Internet users still have some hesitation about the identity of certain characters, the vast majority of them have been unmasked on social networks. And for those who still had doubts, Laurent Ruquier revealed the identity of those who hide under the costume of the Elephant and of the polar bearthis Wednesday, September 21, in The Big Heads.

Christophe Beaugrand says too much on the air

As he does on every show, he introduced each of the members present on the show. “A Big Head that also does White Bear on TF1, Christophe Beaugrand”, he launched. The TF1 host awkwardly tried to defend himself. “I don’t see what you’re talking about, Laurent”, he replied. But Laurent Ruquier seemed determined to spill the beans. “I saw you last night in Mask Singer. I recognized you. A guy who beats himself up and sings out of tune. It can only be you, Beaugrand”, he continued on his way. “I sang just”, reacted the main interested party, getting totally locked up. And the companion of Hugo Manos did not stop there in the revelations. “And who’s trying to jump Keen V, the Elephant, on top of that, because you’re both in disguise, so there can’t be a harassment suit,” he further revealed. “He’s the one who jumped on me”, retorted the one who presents the Lotto, toasting himself completely. These claims confirm the assumptions of the twittos, who already had heavy suspicions about the identity of the Bear and the Elephant.

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Another Big Head was in the casting of Mask Singer

Yoann Riouanother participant of Big headswas also present in this fourth season of Mask Singer. The sports journalist didn’t need anyone to reveal his identity, saying far too much after his first performance on stage. A stroke of genius, which had greatly amused Internet users!

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