Laury Thilleman facing the disease, her moving testimony

Seeing a loved one with an illness and being helpless in the face of it is always complicated. Laury Thilleman knows this and it is also for this reason that she works for associations that fight against diseases, in particular Alzheimer’s. Indeed, the ex-Miss France knows very well the difficulties of seeing a loved one hit hard by this evil. Her own grandmother, for example, is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, as she confided to Current wife.

The ex of Juan Arbelaez indeed granted an interview to our colleagues as well as to the Medical Research Foundation, on the eve of International Alzheimer’s Day. The opportunity for her to give her ideas to help fight this disorder. For her, at present, there is only one remedy. “I believe that today the only treatment is love… The love that can be given to a sick person. I see it with my grandmother”, she confided with a heavy heart. It is in an attempt to treat her grandmother, as well as all those affected by this scourge, that Laury Thilleman, like many other personalities, struggles throughout the year to collect as many donations as possible and find various solutions. .

Alzheimer’s disease can affect anyone

Like her, M Pokora also seems directly affected by Alzheimer’s disease. A few days earlier, he too confided in the Medical Research Foundation as part of a disease control campaign. For the occasion, he revealed the best memories of his life and mentioned in particular his grandfather.

A person who means a lot to him and for whom he feels deep respect. “When we walked around after eating when I stayed with my grandparents in the summer and we went for a walk… And see the admiration of others, this kind of respect that I could read in people’s eyes towards him”he remembered with stars in his eyes before concluding: “I would say that it is beautiful memories that I have with him. The class is someone for whom I have boundless admiration”.

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