life in XXL ) caught up with justice, the famous candidate risks very big!

Over the years, Amandine Pellissard has become one of the emblematic figures of reality TV. It’s thanks to the show “Large families: life in XXL” that Magali Berdah’s protege became known to the general public. This month, she gave an exclusive interview to Jordan De Luxe. The opportunity for the candidate to discuss her incredible journey. Unvarnished, the happy mother of eight children also lifted the veil on her former life which was not the most joyful.

For a time, it was difficult for her to make ends meet. “One fine day, while I was pregnant with my sixth child, I had to be hospitalized. I find myself on pathological leave so I cannot continue to work because I have problems related to my pregnancy,” confessed Amandine Pellissard to the famous journalist.

“I found myself in custody…”

To make matters worse, his half also loses his job : “Alexandre, who has been a permanent employee in an industrial bakery for more than 10 years, finds himself laid off almost overnight (…) We find ourselves a little stuck in the throat with no income at all for several weeks . (…). I found no other solution at the time than to steal food from a store for my children”. But one thing leads to another, this scheme gets him into trouble. “I got caught. Of course, when you do something stupid, that’s what happens. I found myself in custody”, explains the darling of Alexandre who mainly stole food products. No more than 200 euros.

“I had chosen to ensure my defense alone. I took six months firm. The fact that I didn’t show up at the hearing, I don’t think it worked in my favor.” clarified the star. At the latest news, Amandine Pellissard has appealed. “I think it’s a sentence that is extrapolated because I stole food but I didn’t deserve six months in prison. Of course, justice does not like it when you do not show up for your legal obligations so of course I am afraid of the sentence (…)”, revealed the latter who hopes that justice will be lenient…


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