Love is in the meadow

Noémie’s behavior towards her suitors disappoints Internet users

Love is in the meadow airs the fifth episode of its season 17 this Monday, September 19. We find there in particular Thierry, Guillaume, Nadège or even Noémie but above all their suitors, ready to give everything to seduce their crush. Maybe a little too much, ready for anything? These events organized by Noémie’s friends to win a romantic date with her did not please the viewers.

While Internet users recently welcomed Emmanuelle’s initiative, this Monday, September 19, on the contrary, they denounce another initiative, to say the least… original. Indeed, in this episode of Love is in the meadow on M6, we find Noémie and her two suitors, Romain and Gaël. And to try to direct her choice towards one of them, Noémie organizes a small party where she invites friends and family so that everyone can meet the two men. Romain and Gaël, both very different from each other. The first is commercial and therefore has no problem with socializing, while the other is more reserved and does not dare to put on a show.

Unfortunately for him, that’s what the friends of Noemie have put in place: real Olympiads, putting them both in competition but above all… in spectacle. Through three physical tests, Romain and Gaël must compete with one objective: to win an appointment with Noémie, a privileged moment that could allow him to gain the upper hand in this love contest.

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“This sequence is anguish”

The first test involves dragging a bag of cement, which looks particularly heavy, the full length of the shed. The second test, to roll a haystack over several meters. Finally, the ultimate test is a team ventriglise race with the friends of Noemie. From the start of the tests, it seems that Gäel stands out as far as the physical tests are concerned. He wins the first. Then he took the lead in second but it was finally Gaël who won, helped by Noémie’s friends. Finally, the latter wins the last team event and it is therefore he who wins a tryst with Noémie.

In addition to finding the results unfair to Gaël, viewers did not hesitate to be very critical of these events. According to them, it is not normal to subject your suitors to such physical activities, it would even be humiliating. Many were disappointed with Noémie’s behavior during this show.

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