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PlayStation Stars virtual collectibles will tie into Sony’s vast heritage.

With the loyalty program PlayStation Starsplayers on PS5 and PS4 will be able to obtain rewards in the form of virtual objects to collect paying homage to the PlayStation brand or electronic products of the Japanese multinational sony like a scene with Punto (the gondolier from Ape Escape 2), the PS3, the PocketStation, Toro and Kuro celebrating a birthday, the Chord Machine or even Polygon Man.

Grace Chen, Vice President of Network Advertising, Loyalty and Licensed Merchandise at Sony Interactive Entertainment, said:

Created especially for PlayStation Stars, these virtual collectibles are exclusive to our loyalty program. Some of them may be offered to mark past activities, successes or the acquisition of certain items. Like the products they represent or the effort required to obtain them, some collectibles are rarer than others. You will be able to display your collectibles in a virtual storefront accessible on the PlayStation App, which you can choose to display on your PSN profile to share your collection with your friends. While we are planning different ways to get collectibles, the main one will be through completing campaigns.

PlayStation Stars Campaigns

In order to get their hands on these famous virtual collectibles that are not NFTs, players will have to participate in campaigns.

In one of our very first campaigns, ‘Press Play – 1994’, members of the PlayStation Stars loyalty program will have to launch games that match musical cues. Those who succeed will receive a special collectible.

PlayStation Stars will debut sometime in September

The loyalty program PlayStation Stars will be rolling out to the PlayStation App (and console later) within the next few weeks in Asia, including Japan and South Korea. North America, South America and Europe will follow thereafter.

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