Lucky Luna, a pixelated dive into cursed temples

Our mobile game of the week is from Snowman, a Toronto-based studio responsible for Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure, as well as Skate City and Where Cards Fall, two games exclusive to Apple Arcade.

For this new game, which adopts a graphic style in pixel art, the studio signs another exclusivity, this time with Netflix. Lucky Luna is therefore free, if you subscribe to the streaming platform.

In Lucky Luna, you play as an enigmatic young girl, hidden behind a mask. The story (which takes a back seat) is that of a coming of age inspired by a Japanese folk tale called “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter” or “Le conte de la princesse Kaguya” in French.

To control the heroine, you swipe across your screen, more or less quickly. A simple concept that quickly represents quite a challenge, both the temples that welcome you and the level design are clever and full of traps of all kinds.

You will need to “time” your jumps, demonstrate agility and precision when moving from one fragile block to another, and know how to use the elements to collect the most orbs and discover secret passages.

If each level is relatively short, they are nonetheless replayable. It will be necessary to both avoid dying, reach the exit in a given time and collect the most secrets and orbs to hope to obtain a perfect score. There is also a scoreboard that allows you to measure yourself against other players.

As you will have understood, Lucky Luna is a very good mobile game. The only downside: its exclusivity in the Netflix catalog. But you have to get used to it, games of this genre will be more and more exclusive, whether on Netflix or Apple Arcade.

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