Man rushes over Elizabeth II’s coffin and gets knocked to the ground, video goes viral

People and royalty

The man was arrested and taken into custody as thousands gathered to pay their respects to the Queen.

It is a sequence which shocked the United Kingdom and which could have turned into a tragedy. A man rushed to the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II and managed to put his hands on her coffin on Friday evening before being tackled to the ground and arrested.

The individual crossed the line of security established around the catafalque and climbed the four steps which lead to the oak coffin, as indicated by the Guardian.

In a press release, Scotland Yard explains that the man was arrested for violation of the law on public order and taken into custody. »

On social networks, the video of the incident shocked many Internet users, especially since the individual also allegedly jostled a 7-year-old girl in her race.

Despite this incident, the funeral wake was able to continue without incident in order to allow the public who came in large numbers to gather.

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