Maniema: the medical staff trained on the guidelines for the treatment of tuberculosis

Management teams from 9 health zones in Maniema province are being trained in Kindu on the guidelines of the anti-tuberculosis program integrated into basic health care.

This 5-day training, organized by the Provincial Health Division and the provincial coordination of the fight against tuberculosis, with funding from the Global Fund, aims to “reduce the burden of tuberculosis by strengthening the capacities of these management teams “, noted Saturday, September 10, Dr. Ngongo Omeonga, provincial coordinator of the Tuberculosis Control Program in Maniema.

“This training, which will be organized in two sessions, consists of the training of trainers for the tuberculosis care guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health, Hygiene and Prevention through the National Tuberculosis Control Program. These guidelines will deal with referral of patients, diagnoses of patients to clinical laboratory services, management of TB patients, i.e. treatment of TB patients,” explained Doctor Ngongo Omeonga.

“We expect that, firstly, the members of the management teams of the health zones can, in turn, train at the level of each health zone the members of the teams of each screening center for the treatment of tuberculosis”he added.

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