Marc Wilmots: “For me Axel Witsel, it may be a solution in central defence”

This Monday was the resumption of the Tribune with guest Marc Wilmots. And the former coach of the Devils spoke about the positioning of Axel Witsel with Atletico Madrid.

Axel Witsel has been playing in central defense since the start of the season. But what about the Red Devils? For Phillip AlberthasAt the tactical level, Witsel is the strongest. He can play in almost any position. I prefer him in 6 in the national team.

An opinion not particularly shared by Marc Wilmots :

It occurred to me when I was coach to put him in central defense, but I had what it took at that time with eight centrals. Now that’s a good idea. You have to try to put the players in the position where he plays in the club, because you don’t have time to change too quickly. Especially if you can put it in the frame where it evolves with the automatisms. And then, it’s easier to go up in the middle than to go down as a central defender. For me it may be a solution.

And the former coach of the Devils to conclude on the profiles that could be added in central defense: “You have to adapt to the performance of the players you have. In six years, not many centre-backs have come out. Vanheusden, but he had physical problems. The rest is complicated. Or else, you have to take out the young card and at some point you will have to act and accept that they make mistakes. If you take them for six tournament weeks, that’s experience. And I think it’s a good thing to take young people for the future.

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