Mario Balotelli has a blast in the evening then… disappears: his club reacts officially (video)

Mario Balotelli signed with FC Sion on August 31. The whimsical Italian striker was considered an XXL transfer there, which we can understand when we know the qualities he has. But he only needed 10 days to be sadly noticed.

On Saturday, the striker was spotted in a street in Lausanne, in the company of two friends, who had to hold him so that he did not fall, having consumed a little too much alcohol during a drunken evening. And since… radio silence. FC Sion first indicated that they had had no news from their player since. He has skipped all training and will not be available for a cup match this weekend.

His coach speaks of having the flu, but according to Swiss media, nobody really knows what Balotelli is doing and where he is, who has recently been active on Instagram, showing himself in a bed facing a waterhole.

Faced with articles on the subject, FC Sion finally published a press release this Friday evening. “This week, Mario Balotelli suffered from the onset of bronchitis and was directly supervised by the club’s medical service who prescribed him antibiotics. Not having been able to train during the week, Mario Balotelli will not be traveling to Rapperswil tomorrow for the second round of the Swiss Cup. On the other hand, he will do individual training during the weekend with our physical trainer. FC Sion regrets that this video has taken on unnecessary and disproportionate proportions which damage the image of our striker“, said the club.

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