Mask Singer 4 – The Bride: Has her body betrayed her identity? Chantal Ladesou spots an important detail


The drag-queen Dalmatian, the Baby, the Gingerbread, the Pharaoh… the new costumes of Mask Singer season 4 are great. The show is already back on TF1 and it’s time to investigate as Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc and Kev Adams do. To find who is hiding behind the magnificent character of The Bride, here is the list of all the clues that have been revealed.

All the clues revealed

– Common point with the Monkey, they were crowned with gold.
– She loves white, especially associated with red and blue.
– She is a flower among thorns.
– She knows what it’s like to be the only one to find a place in “the club”.
– She knows the competition is going to be tough.
– She never underestimates her competitors.
– She knows what she wants and gives herself the means to achieve it.
– She quickly knew how to do the calculations and chose her path despite “hard knocks“.
– “Women can do anything, I have my place in this clique, I intend to continue“, she said.
– She likes “parading“.
She experienced the best and millions got to see the greatest moment of her life, “a few minutes that change everything“.
– She was the first and saw her name in the newspapers, “it was crazy“.
– She has had “a missed date“.
We said “yes” to the bride in…

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