Massimiliano Allegri’s statements after the match |

Juventus crisis time, with a new negative result. Juventus have once again lost in the Champions League, this time at home to Benfica. Massimiliano Allegri spoke after the game. Check out some of his statements in this article.

A psychological problem in this team?

“In these moments, I believe there are few explanations. At 2-1, we had collapsed psychologically. There is silence, work and a small step to retire. Football gives you the opportunity to do new things, now we have the 4 day championship. These moments happen in football, fortunately they will happen because we will always be in football, everything must be faced with clarity. However, we cannot lose two Champions League games.”

“I can’t fault the boys, they need a sense of responsibility. Don’t overdo it, but just do it. Normally we come since Sunday, we had wasted physical and nervous energy. There are absent players who have played 8 to 9 games in a row. It’s difficult. Being here, I don’t even want to explain. You just have to do, tonight the team started well and we didn’t do well. defended in our own half. It happened to us against Salernitana, but everything has to be improved. If we keep up the pace we defend well, otherwise we defend badly and we are all behind the line of the ball.”

A solution must be found:

“We need a quick solution, it’s a difficult moment in the Champions League, after 10 years it’s the first time with two defeats. Now the Champions League is complicated, we’re not there to say that it is still possible. Now Monza is close and we have 4 days to prepare the match in the best possible way. Explanations? I can stay all night to say, to do… you have to think about what to do .”

Current difficulties:

“Was I expecting it? I knew anyway when I came back that it takes time to rebuild. Unfortunately I didn’t believe that 2 games in a row were lost at that time. After 9 years of wins, it’s hard to keep winning in a year. We all know. The important thing is to try to do well, to stay in the Champions League. These two games turn the tables, talking is no use to nothing.”

Angel Di Maria:

“Angel did half the training with the team, he has to find a solution. Then I took Milik off and put Di Maria, not in optimal condition, we were suffering and I had to take Vlahovic or Milik off I wanted a midfielder with an extra point.”


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