Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) confides in his incurable disease (VIDEO)

In an interview with Jordan de Luxe on his show At Jordan’sMatthew of Love is in the meadow, confided in his state of health. The 47-year-old man is, in fact, affected by an incurable disease.

Nothing goes as planned for Matthewthe candidate discovered in season 15 of Love is in the meadow. After having married in June 2021 to Alexandrewith the presence of Karine Le Marchand, the lovers decided to part “from a common agreement. A statement that Mathieu made during his interview with Jordan de Luxe on his show At Jordan’s. A decision initiated by Alexandre who no longer flourished in their history and who needed “of a quieter life“. The couple had also started a GPA (surrogacy) procedure in order to become parents. A project that Mathieu will continue alone: ​​”I’m gonna make a baby all by myself“, he confided.

Matthew has “one in three chance” to do “a massive stroke

Becoming a father is not going to be done without fear for him. During his conversation with Jordan Deluxe which will soon be broadcast in full on C8, Mathieu confided in Cadasil disease which he is affected. It is incurable. There is no treatment today that exists, he confides. It develops : “It is a degeneration. These are mini strokes that we make in the microcirculation of the brain“. In other words, the former candidate of Love is in the meadow has “one in three chance” to do “a massive stroke” at any time. And Mathieu, 47, admits that he wakes up every morning thinking about this rare disease whose life expectancy is estimated at 62 years. However, he recognizes that he would not live not in the same way if he wasn’t in pain.”It was when I learned that I was sick that I signed up for the show Love is in the meadow. Then she takes away all the fears, suddenly I am no longer afraid of anything. I’m moving on and living a dream life. I can die tomorrow, so I live to the fullest“, he asserts.

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I chose to live, not suffer

To live as long as possible, Mathieu is very strict with himself, even if he hopes that medicine will find a treatment quickly: “I have an irreproachable lifestyle. The only thing we know is that you shouldn’t smoke. I quit nine days ago. And I watch what I eat“. Especially since Alexander’s ex-husband has “chose to live, not suffer“. But that does not prevent him from being very anxious: In the evening, I say to myself: ‘am I going to wake up the next day?’. It’s hard.

The whole of At Jordan’s with Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) will be found soon on C8.

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