Meghan Markle reconciled with Kate and William? Not at all, the couple behind a hell of a scheme…


In general, it is in the worst times that families become closer. This is what the British hoped for when Elizabeth II died. Two days after her disappearance on September 8, all eyes were on the outskirts of Windsor Castle. That day, what was the surprise to see Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton alongside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The two couples, side by side, had gathered to observe the tributes and the messages left by the admirers of the Crown in front of the gates of the royal residence. A reunion which, for many, marked the end of the quarrels between “fantastic Four“. It is not so, unfortunately.

Arthur Edwards, royal photographer, gave his opinion behind the scenes of this unexpected appearance with Piers Morgan. And according to him, no reconciliation is on the agenda. If Prince William is indeed at the origin of the surprise presence of Meghan Markle at their side, the new Prince of Wales made this request for a very specific reason: to prevent Meghan from stealing the show on the day of the state funeral of the Sovereign.

Prince William is no stranger to the presence of Meghan Markle. He spoke with his brother and asked for a joint effort to be made“, said Arthur Edwards in remarks reported by The Sun. He pursues : “They did it because if Meghan had only appeared at the funeral…

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