Meghan Markle, the eternal target of the British press, even during the mourning of Elizabeth II

The tabloids do not miss an opportunity to attack Meghan Markle again, highlighting the least of her actions. The reflection of a latent racism in British society.

Elizabeth II is dead and with it a small piece of UK history died. But if the winds of change will blow in British society, who will therefore see his currency and his anthem changedsome things unfortunately do not change.

While the royal family went to Balmoral Castle last week and the imminence of Her Majesty’s death was felt, the tabloids obviously did not miss a beat… even if it meant keeping their worst habits, more precisely those with regard to Meghan Markle.

Kate, the good mother restrained by her children, versus Meghan, the one who was “unwelcome”

While her husband Harry went to Balmoral, the Duchess of Sussex remained in the background, or rather as several media titled it, she “avoided”, “skipped”to go to Balmoral.

It’s hard not to see this as an attempt by the British tabloids to attack once again to Meghan Marklefor a long time his favorite target, with the consequences that we know on his mental health.

However, Meghan Markle was not the only one not to go to Scotland: Kate Middleton was also absent at the queen’s bedside. But as if she had a much more valid reason, the tabloid headlines were far less intransigent. The Duchess of Cambridge did not “skipped” Balmoraland especially several articles do not fail to specify the reasons for her absence: she had to take care of the imminent return of her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

Conversely, the British media have largely pressed the fact that Meghan Markle would not have been ” welcome “ to bid farewell to the queen.

What to add a little more in the supposed opposition between the two women, already skilfully orchestrated in the media in the pastand their alleged rivalry.

Meghan Markle, spied on in every move

But obviously, the press did not stop there, watching for the slightest signs of disdain for Meghan Markle going to meet the onlookers who came to pay homage to the queen in front of Windsor Castle.

While the interaction could have remained quite anecdotal and is far from being spectacular, the media echoed on multiple occasions how of which several women would have refused to greet the ex-actressas if to highlight a form of humiliation towards him.

Whatever she does, Meghan Markle is spied on from all sides and her actions scrutinized. A video has even gone viral, showing her answering an assistant that she can keep a bouquet of flowers to place it herself later in front of the gates of Windsor. A “awkward exchange” for multiple media.

We can’t forgive Meghan Markleeven less his ignorance of the protocol, but above all we make a point of things that are so to speak quite insignificant.

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Indeed, the other members of the royal family who are given flowers by the British who have come to pay homage to the queen, do not keep them with them for long, but give them more or less quickly to the aides who stand behind them.

The Meghan Markle case reveals persistent racism

Even briefly back in the UK, and even in a context of mourning, Meghan Markle remains a scapegoat for the gutter press Briton who remains on the lookout, ready to turn the hostility of certain Britons towards him into a spectacle.

In a gallery of Vox published in January 2020, following the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to distance themselves from the royal family and take their independence – the famous Megxit —, the researcher Maya Goodfellow precisely denounced this denial of British society on the racism that permeates it (and which also permeated the Windsors):

“Much of the reaction to Markle and the couple’s decision can be read as the belief that she should be grateful for what she has. That women of color — and especially black women — should know where they belong.

Because really, so many comments around the saga of Harry and Meghan are ultimately not about them. It’s about how poorly racism is understood, and how even the beginning of a reflection on it is not prioritized and ignored. »

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