Michel Drucker modest on the death of his sister, drama of his life

This Monday, September 12, 2022, Michel Drucker celebrates his birthday: he is 80 years old! Already eight decades that he delights his loved ones, and almost as much as he delights viewers, especially in the famous red armchair of his show “Vivement dimanche”. But his life has been marked by a drama that he is just recounting…

At the height of his 80 years, Michel Drucker has known many moments of joy, but also of pain. With our colleagues from the magazine Gala, released on newsstands on September 8, 2022, the host talks about his superb relationship with his wife Dany Saval, but also the other members of his family who have brought him love and peace. This is how he modestly evokes the death of her sister, when she was still a baby.

Over the course of his career, the host has cried many of his friends on the small screen like Claude François or Johnny Hallyday. But he was also confronted with the disappearance of close beings bearing the same name as him. Thus, to the question of knowing who he would bring back from beyond for a birthday dinner apart from the artists he frequented, Michel Drucker answers bluntly. “My parents, Abraham and Lola, of course, my brother Jean, of course (long hesitation). And then my sister Monique, whom I did not know, and who was the eldest“, he then launches.

It is at this point that our colleagues note that he does not “never speak” of this sister who left very young. And Michel Drucker to confirm then to express himself a little more: “No. She was born in 1939, and she rests in the cemetery of Eygalières. I had her burial transferred to Provence, so that she would be near her mother. She would have been 83 today.“Finally, he evokes the reasons for this sudden death which without any…

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