Mission Artemis: the Strasbourg ISU closely follows the lunar mission

The operation has already been postponed twice due to a breakdown. This time, NASA announces the date of September 27 (and October 2) for the launch of the rocket. In addition to the technical prowess, the mission is highly symbolic. Faced with the rise of China, a new space nation and for which the ‘Moon objective’ is also on the program, NASA is showing that it is still in the game. It must also deal with private actors, such as Space-X. Artemis therefore embodies the symbol of international cooperation facing new competition, 50 years after Apollo’s last flight to the Moon.

A step to Mars

The mission also opens the door to travel to Mars. The red planet, present in all minds, could only be reached after the lunar stage. NASA, but also the European Space Agency, are planning to establish an intermediate base there, suitable for refueling, for example.

Made in Alsace

In Illkirch, a stone’s throw from Strasbourg, students from the ISU (International Space University) closely follow the Artemis mission. Trained in the space professions, they could embody the professionals of tomorrow, with why not, among them, the future astronaut of the lunar mission.

Find it Big Interview of the drafting, from Monday to Friday, in the 18-19 in the region on RCF Alsace and RCF Lorraine Nancy.

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