“Monday, the leak was manageable, yesterday’s, no”: the Artemis mission once again canceled, the take-off of the rocket postponed

After a second failed takeoff of its rocket, NASA delivers explanations: the technical problems will not be resolved quickly. A new launch of the Artemis mission is not scheduled for several weeks.

They had come by the hundreds of thousands to witness this historic take-off, with all the essential accessories: binoculars, telescope, cameras, parasols and deck chairs! But their wait is prolonged. The counter stopped at 2 hours, 28 minutes and 53 seconds this Saturday evening.

The orange and white rocket remained on Earth. “Let’s hope the 3rd time will be the right one!”launches an enthusiast who came to admire the take-off. “We are very disappointed that the lift-off did not take place today…But we understand that it can happen…And we will come back when there is a new launch”said another.

Donna was 17 when the Apollo 11 mission went to the Moon…She takes this delay with philosophy. “We are so excited to be here! This postponement doesn’t matter, because the atmosphere is here! Everyone is excited to be part of the new lunar adventure and the future journey to Mars. We stay in this state of mind!”

These spectators will have to turn around, because no rocket launch is planned for the next few days. In question? A fuel leak in a pipe. “Monday, the leak was manageable, yesterday’s, no”explains Mike Sarafin, in charge of NASA’s Artemis mission. “We don’t just say ‘hey, I hope it’s going to be okay'”adds Mike Bolger, head of exploration programs.

NASA technicians believe that it is a seal that needs to be changed. The rocket must therefore return to its assembly building: a round trip operation that takes weeks.

Next possible periods for the launch of the most powerful rocket in the world: in October!

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