Monkey pox: the circular from the Ministry of Health arrives. Possible quarantines and passive surveillance – Chronicle

they arrived 505 cases out monkey pox in Italy. The infection continues to develop almost exclusively in men (501), against only 4 cases in women, according to the latest bulletin of Ministry of Health.

“In specific ecological and epidemiological contexts based on health authority assessmentsthe application of quarantine measures“. Do we read in a Circular from the Ministry of Health Update on monkeypox situation for case reporting. ” THE close contacts must be identified and informed of their exposure and the risk of developing an infection as soon as possible passive monitoringcheck it yourself and let your family doctor know.”

” THE asymptomatic contacts who adequately and regularly verify their status can continue daily routine activities such as going to work and going to school (quarantine is not required),” the Ministry of Health said in the circular. close contacts It is not recommended to donate blood, cells, tissues, organs, breast milk or semen during monitoring. L’self-monitoring includes fever control (at least twice a day) or other symptoms such as headache, back pain, lymphadenopathy or rash of unknown origin within 21 days of last exposure. Also indicated are: abstinence from sexual activity for 21 days after the last exposure, hygiene of the hands and the respiratory tract (covering the mouth and nose in case of sneezing or coughing, disposing of them correctly with disposable tissues and washing hands frequently); Avoid contact with immunocompromised people, children under 12 and pregnant women for 21 days after last exposure; Avoid close direct contact with animals, including pets, for 21 days after last exposure.

“Local health authorities may exclude preschool children from day care centres, kindergartens or other communal facilities. In the circular, signed by the director general of prevention Gianni RezzaFinally, it is specified that “concrete information on the vaccination strategy in Italy against monkeypox will be given in the subsequent publication”.

This smallpox vaccine to monkey poxpredictions based on what is learned from the Lazio region a first dose and a booster after an interval of 2-3 months. After the institute Spallanzani He said he was ready to leave, the region indicates that it expects from the ministry the criteria for defining the public, that is to say the rules of recruitment and the indication of the age groups.

The Lazzaro Spallanzani Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome will “soon be ready to launch the smallpox vaccine against monkeypox and is awaiting the ministry’s recruitment procedures”. This was announced by the Lazio Regional Health Council, Alessio D’Amato.

“Spallanzani has offered its willingness to be a regional reference center for vaccination against monkeypox, explains the director general of the Spallanzani Institute of Infectious Diseases. “We also offered our expertise, also with the contribution of the associations, for a correct information campaign. We are awaiting ministerial guidelines, in which we are actively collaborating,” adds Vaia.

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