Motorola launches the edge 30 Ultra and two mid-range smartphones: Neo and Fusion

Note that the three new models from Motorola come with Android 12 (S), without overlay from the manufacturer, except for the Moto application which allows you to customize the interface of your smartphone somewhat. However, the carrier does not specify the number of OS upgrades that will be supported or the number of years that it will continue to roll out security updates.

These smartphones launched by Motorola will be available from September 2022. The Motorola edge 30 Ultra is available in two colors, black and white, and sold at an indicative retail price of 899 euros, i.e. 100 euros more than the Motorola edge 30 Pro .

The Motorola edge 30 Fusion is also available in black and white colors, at an indicative retail price of 699 euros, i.e. 200 euros more than the Motorola edge 30. Finally, the Motorola edge 30 Neo benefits from four colors, namely very peri, silver, pastel green and black, and is marketed at an indicative retail price of 399 euros.

These three terminals benefit from an introductory offer. So, for any purchase of one of these three Motorola smartphones, you will get a free voice assistant with its charging base (Lenovo Smart Clock 2) as well as a refund offer, as follows:

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