“My dancer asked herself a lot of questions”

As Clémence Castel enters Dancing with the stars 2022the double winner of Koh Lanta spoke with emotion about her choice to dance with a female partner.

After Bilal Hassani last yeararound Clemence Castel to break the codes in the season 12 of Dance with the stars. Because the candidate-star of Koh Lanta will dance on a woman’s arm this season. A great message of inclusiveness addressed to the millions of viewers of the TF1 dance competition. Whereas the mother of the family, in a relationship with Mariewill start this Friday, September 16 in the competition, the latter spoke a few days ago on this subject.

Two women dancing together is very pretty

I had this luxury of having the choice. As dance is a field that I do not know, I had to be comfortable. And I am by evolving with a woman because there is a relationship to the body, an emotion, and then also a little seduction… So I would be more credible. My relatives being in agreement with that, I wanted to break the codes. Without being a standard bearer, it brings a message that makes sense. For me it’s natural, it’s an exposure. This is the logical sequence of things. In the eyes of millions of viewers and my children, I want to show that you should not be afraid to show yourself as you are. Two women dancing together is very pretty. You do not have to be afraid“testifies thus Clemence Castel.

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Dance with the stars 2022: Clémence Castel explains how her partner Marie reacted

The candidate also talks about her first rehearsals with her partner: “During the first day, she was a little restrained and she asked herself a lot of questions because the work is necessarily different on the construction of the choreography and the movements. And as soon as she saw me evolve and gauged my strengths and weaknesses, she had a clear vision of what we could do. And we had no embarrassment.“And indeed, the emotion already seems to be meeting:”I already cried twice with my dancer, listening to the song on which we will evolve in particular. I also came looking for this: authenticity to show me as I am, don’t be afraid to show your feelings” she reveals. What about the jealousy of his companion Mary ? “One can ask the question but it is a role-playing dance! You just have to be clear in your head” reassures Clemence Castel.

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