New Apple Watch SE and Series 8 now available

We are the September 16, the day when two of the three new Apple Watches unveiled during the last Apple keynote arrive in stores and at customers who have pre-ordered them online. Some have already received their package a few hours or a few days in advance, but the official release date of the devices is indeed set for today.

To buy these little wonders, you can refer to our price comparison updated in real time according to the best offers of the moment (below). For reference, know that the basic Apple Watch Series 8 – either with a 41 mm aluminum case and the cheapest bracelet – costs 499 euros, against 539 euros if you choose a larger dial of 45 mm. For the second generation Apple Watch SE, it will be 299 euros minimum.

Here are the best prices displayed by French retailers for the Apple Watch SE:

And for the Apple Watch Series 8:

Delivery delay

While early buyers do receive their watch today, of course that won’t be the case if you choose to order one now. In fact, you will need wait several days because the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2 have been a great success since their launch.

For example, in the case of an Apple Watch SE with 44 mm face, cellular connectivity and bracelet Pale Sun Single LoopApple specifies that the item will be delivered to your mailbox by two to three weeks. Potentially, you could therefore only receive your wearable in October, where another conference is expected with several Macs scheduled.

Choosing the right Apple Watch

To choose the connected watch that will suit you best at Apple, it is interesting to compare the first feedback on the new models. The Apple Watch SE is undoubtedly a Excellent value with many common points that are also found on the Series 8 such as the heart rate sensor or the monitoring of the menstrual cycle. But its big sister stands out, especially with its blood oximeter and the ECG app.

As for Apple Watch Ultra, know that it will only be available from September 23rd. This is the most efficient with a titanium frame, a depth gauge and a transmitter that can reach 86 decibels to alert emergency services.

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