new columnist in TPMP, Ayem Nour settles accounts with Matthieu Delormeau

Absent from the small screen for many months, Ayem Nour made a remarkable comeback. The former winner of “Secret Story” finds an old acquaintance, Matthieu Delormeau, whose accomplice she had been for years on the NRJ 12 channel. But the time of “Mad Mag” or “Angels of reality TV” is a bygone era.

The young woman, who has seen several of her programs deprogrammed for lack of an audience, has chosen to take a step back. She left to live in the South of France, where Ayem is raising her son, whom she had with businessman Vincent Miclet. But the least we can say is that his reunion with Matthieu Delormeau was most surprising.

“I isolated myself as you advised me to”
Asked by the presenter of “TPMP People”, who is returning to C8, the former host and influencer, begins by talking about her departure from Paris and admits to having needed it. Because no one has forgotten that in 2020, then a columnist for “Touche pas à mon poste”, the young woman had been the victim of filthy and grossophobic comments from viewers. Delormeau then points out to her that she had disappeared from the radar for a few years, which Ayem confirms, before throwing a small spade at his interlocutor, reproaching him for not having tried to contact her: “It was enough to take news, she pointed out to him, well, you haven’t heard from him”.

A remark that echoes the often complex relationships that the duo maintained during their stay on NRJ12. Once this moment of tension passed, Ayem explained what his new life consisted of. She lives from her income as an influencer, but also from the copyrights earned thanks to her book “Simplement Keto” and will therefore join the merry band of “TPMP People”, before launching a final personal remark to her interviewer: “I I isolated myself, and that’s what you had advised me. And then we’re not going to lie to each other, I also had a little money aside”. The interview which had started as a settlement account ended almost smoothly…


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