New outbreaks of Rift Valley fever in…

In Mauritaniathe August 31, 2022a focus of Rift Valley fever (FVR) in a herd of 119 camels in the department ofEl Ayoungovernorate of Hodh El Gharbi, was notified to the OIE (41 camels were sick and 21 died). This was a follow-up report of an RVF event that started on September 25, 2021, reported to the OIE on October 26, 2021concerning flocks of sheep in 4 villages in the Department of Tintanein the same governorate.

On August 29, 2022 a confirmed case of RVF was reported by the Mauritanian Ministry of Health. It concerned a 25-year-old man, breeder, originally from Moughataa, department of Tintane. (news 19742 September 5).

At the beginning of September 2022, the Mauritanian Ministry of Livestock announced the increase in RVF cases. Out of 465 suspect samples taken from 5 governorates, 95 samples tested positive. The cases are distributed in 5 foci located in the governorates of Triz Zemmour, Hodh El Gharbi, Hodh El Chargui, tagant and Trarza. Affected species are not reported.

The ministry decided to isolate the infected animals, to treat them and to limit their movements. He also decided to fight against the insects that transmit the disease.

Source: ProMED.

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