Nvidia GeForce teases a big novelty

Nvidia has launched a new communication campaign on its social networks. So what is “Project Beyond”?

Source: Nvidia

The Apple conference is over and tech news can resume its normal course. A few hours after the event, Nvidia started a communication campaign around a future event with a small teasing on these social networks: Project Beyond.

#ProjectBeyond pic.twitter.com/mxrIrUCUMQ

— NVIDIA GeForce FR (@NVIDIAGeForceFR) September 8, 2022

What is Project Beyond?

Impossible to draw any conclusions whatsoever from the short video of a few seconds. We can only analyze the context of this teasing. First of all, it was shared by all local Nvidia GeForce accounts, so this is to prepare for an international announcement. We also see that it is the Nvidia GeForce account that is sharing the video, and not for example, the account GeForce Now. It should therefore not be cloud gaming.

There’s an obvious answer that comes to mind when you think of an Nvidia teaser in September: the arrival of the highly anticipated GeForce RTX 4000. Jensen Huang, the boss of Nvidia, had himself suggested a presentation in September for the new architecture Ada Lovelace. The firm is notably organizing its GTC for professionals with a conference on September 20.

However, a new generation of graphics cards doesn’t really seem to be part of a larger project that deserves to be teased under the name “Project Beyond“. This title suggests looking into the future and seeing beyond the launch of graphics cards. It may be a new product category for Nvidia, in connection with the Metaverse to which the brand is very attached, or a new technology that will be found in the next GeForces.

Whatever happens, we are not talking here about a leak, but about a communication campaign. We should therefore know more in the days or weeks to come.

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