Obtain Kannibulle and Ebilition, position of common spells

New spell from 2.65 update Dofus, Kannibubble offers a new common spell option for Water modes and items. Better, it fits perfectly in both no crit and Crit modes with its variant, Ebilition.

DOFUS: Guide to obtaining the Kanibulle and Ebilition common spells

The pair of common spell variants Kannibulle and Ebilition allow you to gain damage in the Water element. One at very long range while removing critical damage, the other for boosting. The second will be particularly useful in do crit mode, especially in PvM, with a significant bonus regardless of your stuff. Despite a recovery interval, its cost of 4 AP and especially its boost, it is rather competitive. Even in PvP, it will be appreciated for wasting some AP. All classes benefit from it, with the exception of the Osamodas.

The editorial staff strongly recommends obtaining it, which in any case is rather simple and above all free of charge.

Required level: 40
Level required: 107

Obtaining these two spells is done via the Kanniboule Dungeon, level 50 to 60, on Moon Island. The quest to access the area is therefore mandatory. You can also start “T’as les boules” with Hanniboul Smisse, “Tour du monde” and “Un indigeste chez les indigenes” who asks you to do it at one stage.

Once in the very last room, you will be able to click on an interactive element of the Kanniball throne. You will obviously have to have defeated the Boss. There are no other prerequisites! Kannibulle’s variant, Ebilition, unlocks automatically once the correct level is reached, like all other common spells.

A big thank you to Tauwka for screenshot

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