One week before the legislative elections in Italy: the far right led by Giorgia Meloni at the gates of power?

In a week, Italy will be called to the polls. These elections could mark a turning point in the country’s political history. For the first time since the birth of the Republic in 1948, a far-right party could become the leading political formation in the country.

In Pistoia, a small town of ninety thousand souls, the market is still an institution. It is the weekly rendezvous for many inhabitants of this province located north of Florence. The occasion also for the militants of the Democratic Party to try to reverse the vapor, and to convince the voters to vote for the left.

Antonella Cotti is a local elected official, to each passer-by, she hands out an electoral leaflet and recites her little speech. “This is an important moment for our democracy” she says to a woman who seems interested, “I do not want to say that Giorgia Meloni is a fascist, but I think that Giorgia Meloni transmits principles and thoughts that contrast with our inclusive society, without forgetting the reductive role that she wants to give to women.

People now vote with their guts, who shouts the loudest and who speaks with slogans.

The left campaigns on the defense of democratic values ​​and the protection of civil rights. “We are in a phase where the disaffection towards politics is very important, people now vote with their guts, for the one who shouts the most and who speaks with slogans” admits Antonella. “We are often accused of being the party of the bourgeois and the intellectuals, those who live in the historic centers of the cities, while the inhabitants of the peripheries have turned to the right, or better, we those of the left have abandoned the outskirts!

The bastion of the left

Like all of Tuscany, Pistoia has always voted left since the end of fascism. But recently, the city elected a far-right mayor. And the inhabitants think that this time too the right could prevail in their province.

It will be a tight fight, in the last bulletin, but we can say it, for the people, the workers, the employees, the pensioners, nothing has been done for them“, said this man who came to buy fruit. “This is enough to help all the people who come to Italy. I don’t want to pass for a racist but all those who arrive here, we give them everything, while we Italians have to make sacrifices“, said another.

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