orphans, the Queen’s famous corgis adopted by her son Andrew

A spokeswoman for Prince Andrew and his ex-wife the Duchess of York Sarah announced on Sunday that they would be caring for Muick and Sandy, the two corgis who survived the Queen.

A love that dates back to 1944

Andrew is often presented as “the favorite son” of Elizabeth II but he has stepped back from the monarchy after sexual assault charges in the United States, to which he ended by paying millions of dollars.

It was already him who had given her these two little puppies. Muick and Sandy, the last proud representatives of the more than 30 corgis owned by the Queen, had brought her much comfort during the pandemic, according to her dresser.

Muick had joined the family at the beginning of 2021 to brighten up the daily life of the monarch then confined – like the rest of the country – to Windsor, with another puppy named Fergus.

The latter unfortunately died a few weeks later, at the age of five months, shortly after the death of Prince Philip, husband of the Queen. To replace him, Andrew and his daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, had given Elizabeth II little Sandy.

The Queen’s love for these little dogs dates back at least to 1944, when her parents gave her her very first corgi, Susan, from whom most of her subsequent dogs were descended, for her 18th birthday. Elizabeth II took care of her dogs herself as much as possible, who accompanied her on weekends to Windsor and lived in her private apartments. She fed them and also liked to walk them.

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