Panayotis Pascot reveals why he left Quotidien and stopped television

In 2017, viewers were able to discover a very young columnist in The small newspaper, then broadcast on Canal+. At only 17 years old, Panayotis Pascot then joined the teams of Yann Barthès. A year later, he will follow the famous animator during his passage on TMC with Daily. In 2017, the young comedian chose to stop his television adventure to devote himself to other projects.

The general public was then able to find Panayotis Pascot on stage, for its first show called Almost. In the cinema, the actor appeared in Adopt a widower, Tamara Vol.2 or The deer. Panayotis Pascot accepted the challenge of Hot Ones, the show hosted by Kyan Kojandi on MyCanal and Youtube. He notably returned to his departure from Daily, and revealed the reasons that led him to make this decision. “I quit because I was not happy (…) It was hard, there are a lot of people who look at you, who judge you, who allow themselves to say that you do shit. It’s kinda creepy“, he explained.

Panayotis Pascot then went through a long period of loneliness, which will allow him to discover the direction in which he wanted to direct his career. “He arrives, he uses the milk, and in fact the milk was gone. I hadn’t realized it so much that I wasn’t well… It was then the first time that I trusted what I felt. I wanted to go on stage“, he says.

Aurelien Gaucher


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