Patrick Fiori responds to the scandalous attacks suffered by one of his talents from “The Voice Kids” suffering from a rare disease!

Nahel, 11, is not a child like the others. He is an exceptional child, with his own style of dress, an adult vocabulary and a singular voice. With so many assets, the participant in “The Voice Kids” was jealous on August 27 during his appearance on the stage of TF1. Jealous who, without knowing his behavioral problems, lynched him on his physique and his behavior.

In front of the violence of the attackshis parents therefore felt compelled to speak up. “He uses words that even us don’t use. He has an adult phrasing. When he was five years old, he was already talking about adult topics of conversation. He likes politics and literature. This n is not the kind of child to play football”, explained Julie and Aziz, his parents, during an interview with Télé-Loisirs. While specifying that their son had not wished “share your pathology on the air”. Indeed, Nahel is affected by disharmony, a disorder which increases his feelings tenfold, as indicated by his parents.

In the aftermath, Patrick Fiori, his coach in “The Voice”, has also decided to react to his attacksalso speaking in the columns of Tele-Leisure. “I was not aware of these attacks either, because I stay away from social networks”, first clarified the singer. Before declaring: A child, we do not attack him, and with a pathology even less… Children, we accompany them by loving them, and by giving them a certain direction. It is my mission. Attacking a child at all, on social networks or elsewhere, I find it very small.” The singer concludes about social networks: “They have great qualities, but also have a great capacity to convey evil. There is real daily work to be done with the children.” Hoping that afterwards, the viewers will stop.

Antoine Ferreira Mendes

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