Patrick Lefevere savors his first grand tour victory: “We are ahead of plans”

Patrick Lefevere had already won major tours with Tony Rominger. “But it was in the days of Mapei and I was not yet CEO of the team. I was not concerned like today”he said.

Remco Evenepoel’s victory has a special taste for him. Because it’s his foal. “When Remco arrived with us, we immediately wanted to make him a racer of grand tours. But we are ahead of the plans. In my mind, he was to be competitive in 2023 at the Giro or the Vuelta and in 2025 in the Tour de France. Once again he was faster than we thought. I don’t want to compare him to others, but Remco is different.”

The Roularien admits to having been surprised by his protege. “Looking at his data in training, we knew that Remco was strong. But not that strong. Between us, we hoped that he would finish this Vuelta in the top 5, or even the top 3. lives so much for his goals, imposes so many sacrifices on himself! During the internship in Livigno, he took a room in a hotel other than his teammates because he was afraid of the Covid. He does everything down to the smallest detail. Some have says about Remco that he talks too much, he has a big mouth, he better roll over, shut up and he’s arrogant. I think he gave the best possible answer.”

The Wolfpack, in its entirety, responded present. “That’s what gives me the most pleasure. This result shows, once and for all, that the Wolfpack is also a team for grand tours. We had already taken Rigoberto Uran to third place in the Giro and Enric Mas to the second in the Vuelta. But now there will be no more debate.”

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