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The Honor 70 is a mid-range phone with serious assets and serious trappings. Light weight, capable chip, IMX 800 sensor. Watch out for him.

The successor to the Honor 50 and 60 has just been unveiled atIFA 2022. Soberly called Honor 70, it wants to press on two points: a thin and light design, as well as some photo claims.

We have already tested the Honor 70but here is a small overview to get an idea of ​​what the smartphone offers.

Honor: the grip is irreproachable

To convince you, Honor has put a lot of effort into producing a phone that is both pleasing to the eye and in the hand. On the scale, 178 grams. On the table, the small rectangle is 7.91mm thick. Small novelty compared to the previous range, the edges of its back are slightly curved to make it even easier to grip.

All this effort would be nothing without a screen worthy of the name. The Honor 70 displays 6.67 inches diagonally in Oled, enough to take advantage of infinite contrasts. The screen will also be very lively on paper, count 120 Hz refresh of course, but also a “new technology” which aims to limit flickering and therefore the resulting eye fatigue.

To do this, Honor deploys a Pulse Width Modulation in 1920 Hz. Note also the HDR 10+, always good to take for the mid-range.

To finish on the design, we notice that the photo block loses its strapping and separates its two photo matrices into two distinct blocks, but well aligned. Within them, you will find an IMX 800 sensor on the main module which is larger than most sensors on the market at this price. He should therefore do better at night. At his side, the faithful ultra wide-angle responds present, here with an angle of 122 °. Note that it is he who takes care of the macro mode with an autofocus up to 2.5mm, always a better solution than the dedicated sensor.

Vlog and Solo Cut in the spotlight

On the front, in the center, the Honor 70 offers a 32 megapixel sensor. This will be quite highlighted by Vlog modes or the possibility of creating a scene with you and what you are filming in front of you at the same time.

A nice little novelty: a mode called Solo Cut allows you to film a scene with up to five people and then produce a second video that automatically crops vertically on one of the protagonists, all in 1080p.

All this operation, but also all the activities that you will be able to carry out on your phone will go through a Snapdragon 778G Plus chip, the same as on a Nothing phone (1) for example, which had shown itself to be rather capable in game. It is powered by 4800 mAh of battery and a 66W load, allowing to recover 60% of autonomy in 20 minutes.

Interesting detail, Honor explains to us that the cell is not separated in two, contrary to what is generally practiced in fast charging. The phone is equipped with a single cell, with a double loop system allowing in theory to better protect it from heating.

The Honor 70 takes advantage of Android 12, reworked in the form of Magic UI 6.1, the Chinese group’s home interface.

Honor 70 prices and availability

The Honor 70s are available from 499 euros for the 8 GB +128 configuration. Count 549 euros for the 8 GB version +256.

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